We anticipated opening for the 2022 season mid-May. and we are closely monitoring the berries. THE BLUES ARE GREEN.  So, we will continue to visit them often, talk to them and even beg.  Check back here often.
We have been forced to make a difficult decision this year.  Hurricane Sally, and several severe weather events since then has resulted in 95% loss of blackberry plants.  We are replacing these plants AND expanding our blackberry field.  We should have more blackberries next season than ever before.
We will be open for blueberries 7 days a week from 7AM to 7 PM.  You can check back for updates here and on facebook.  See you soon!
*During the berry season We are open 7 days a week from 7AM until 7PM
*The price is $18.00 per gallon when you pick them – if you need the Farmer to pick for you the price is $30.00 per gallon for blueberries, and must be requested in advance at
*We accept cash and check – we can take payment via credit/debit card only when the Farmer is available to do so (so either check in advance at or come prepared with check or cash)
*We provide the buckets and bags

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